AUTORENT provides for individuals, legal entities and citizens of other countries the possibility of renting new cars without a driver at affordable prices and on favourable terms. We provide car rental services 24 hours a day. If you urgently need to rent a car, we are ready to help you at any time of the day . You can get a car at the airport, railway station or anywhere in Minsk. All cars are fully insured by the system Avtoskasko . Paperwork on the car will take no more than 5 minutes.

Enjoy driving the car that you need thanks to our car hire without a driver. Choose from a wide range of vehicles, exactly the one that suits you. Whether for work or leisure, you have our service in the capital of Belarus.

Minsk is a culturally rich and beautiful city, the capital of the Republic of Belarus, which is best explored while driving on its roads in your own car, making unlimited stops whenever you wish on AUTORENT cars .

Our car rental offers you the desired combination of freedom, privacy and driving comfort at your own pace. We offer a good selection of well-groomed and affordable cars for rent in Minsk to meet your diverse needs in movement. Be it a vacation or a business trip, order a car rental without a driver and drive for pleasure.

AUTHOR offers rental and rental cars in Minsk for a day, for several days or a month or more to meet all your needs. Focus on creating your memories, not thinking about how to get to the right place. Book your car now and enjoy the comfort of travel at the lowest prices!

Car rental in Minsk

The main principles of our company:

- we rent only new cars;

- always low prices for rental cars.

• All cars are insured by AVTOKASKO;

• You get a new fully equipped car (air conditioning/climate control, audio system, summer/winter tires (according to season);

• There is no liability for damage caused to the vehicle through no fault of yours;

• Submission and return of any car occurs in any convenient place and at any convenient time;

• Transparent rental terms. All the answers to your questions have already been collected in the FAQ section;

• AUTORENT works without weekends and holidays so that our client is satisfied and happy.

• We work in a competitive industry, so the quality of our services is always on top.

• You will get a rental car from us right away on the same day, just call the number or send a request on the website:

+375 29 323 16 16

+375 33 323 16 16

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