Minsk Card

Get 10% discount on the car rent with the Minsk Card.

If you have a Minsk Card, you’ll get 10% discount while renting a car on any period at Autorent. 

Also by using Minsk Card you are provided with the right to a single visit (free or discounted) of museums and excursions, art galleries, zoo, water park, National Library’s observation deck, and other program partners according to the specified list in the guide and on the website minskpass.by.

How Does Minsk Card Work?

By purchasing a Minsk Card kit you get a plastic smart card and an information booklet.

When renting a car tell your operator that you have a Minsk Card and you want to have a discount.

Card validity period can be 24 / 48 / 72 hours from the moment of activation. The validity period is indicated on the Card. You can use discounts and special offers of hotels and shops after the expiration of your Minsk Card.

Also Minsk Card can be used as an electronic ticket for paying for public transport’s trips. The electronic ticket gives the right to unlimited rides by bus, trolleybus, tram and 10 metro rides during the period indicated on the card.

Activation of Minsk Card

The activation takes place at the moment of electronic scanning of the QR-code or manual data input from the Minsk Card at your first entry to an attraction. Before your first visit, please, fill in the date and time of your first visit on the reverse side of the Card.

Recording of an electronic transport pass to the Minsk Card is made at sale points and does not depend on the activation of the Card when visiting museums or joining tours. At the same time, note that the day lasts from 00:00 to 24:00, i.е. the validity of the ticket starts from 00:00 (hours: minutes) of the current day regardless of the recording time by the seller.

Terms of Use

Minsk Card is a single electronic card for tourists with a continuous validity period in 24 / 48 / 72 hours.

The card can be activated within 12 months after purchase. Minsk Card is not valid without specifying the start use date on the back. Date is filled in by the Cardholder.

Minsk Card is for
personal use only. Once activated, it is
non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash. Damaged, lost or stolen
cards are not exchanged.

How to buy?

You can buy Minsk Card at ours when renting a car. If you have any questions, please, contact us any way convenient for you: by contact form, by Jivosite or by phone +375 29 323 16 16 (Viber, Telegram, What’s up).

The offer is valid for the following cars:

Skoda Rapid
Hyundai Accent
Renault Logan
Volkswagen Polo
Nissan Almera
Toyota Camry
Mazda 6
Renault Arkana

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