Electric scooters KUGOO M4 Pro


Power: 600WT
Brake front/rear
Speed 45km per hour
Travel range 55km
Carrying capacity 160kg
Weight 25kg
Number of 1

Tariffs for Electric scooters KUGOO M4 Pro


Autorent Minsk provides an opportunity to rent new electric scooters in Minsk with improved characteristics. The KUGOO M4 Pro electric scooter is stylish, powerful, intuitive and environmentally friendly transportation for people who are fond of fast driving. The electric scooter is often in demand not only among children and adolescents but also among adults. Therefore, when choosing an electric scooter, it is worth considering who exactly will use it. You will be able to move comfortably and quickly across any terrain, enjoying the views. The Kugoo electric scooter is gaining more and more popularity in the world and breaks all sales records. This vehicle is indispensable when travelling with an unpredictable route.


  • Small dimensions of electric transport - folding or semi-folding design makes it easy to link the device and use it at any convenient time.
  • Manoeuvrability and the ability to move not only on a city road, but an electric scooter can also be used where a motorcycle or car cannot pass. In addition, you can easily bypass any traffic jams on it.
  • Easily and quickly cover long distances (up to 20 km, depending on the model).
  • To charge the electric scooter, you need a regular outlet, which will allow you to recharge the battery anywhere without problems and continue.
  • It is imperative that the electric scooter is completely environmentally friendly transport.

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