Lamborghini Gallardo


Gearbox: Manual
Engine: 5.2L
Power: 560hp
Car drive: All-wheels Drive
Consumption: 14.7L per 100km
Fuel type: AI-100
Car body: Coupe S-class
Number seats: 2
Air conditioning Yes
Number of cars 1

Tariffs for Lamborghini Gallardo with driver:

1 hour
250 USD
2 hours
350 USD
3 hours
430 USD
4 hours
500 USD
Above 4 hours - each hour
70 USD


By renting a sports car in Minsk, Autorent makes your dream closer: you can feel what it means to be the owner of a premium car from Lamborghini and other famous brands. Touch the unstoppable power, surprise those around you in a spectacular way, taking a ride on a sports car or supercar in Minsk! Autorent provides sports car rental conveniently, safely and profitably.

The advantages of cooperation with our company: Autorent Minsk

  • We specialize in car rental in Minsk. We have some of the lowest prices on the market! 
  • Offering premium car rental services, we are as attentive as possible to our work. All sports cars and supercars are thoroughly cleaned after each departure, as soon as they come from the dealership. Therefore, you can be sure that in our rental you will receive sports cars in perfect technical and external condition.
  • Low cost of car rental, no hidden payments, all monetary relationships with the client and us are clear and transparent. 
  • Your rights and interests by agreement, AUTOCASCO, and other documents - one less concern. 
  • We guarantee that the vehicles will be delivered on time - we really appreciate your time. We provide supercars for rent in Minsk with a driver. 

Why do people rent sport cars in Minsk?

We have assembled a fleet of exclusive cars for renting sports cars and supercars. Many people dream of driving rare cars, with sports car rental services, you get the following opportunities:

  • Feel the unforgettable emotions that a car of this class gives. Premium sports cars combine speed and comfort. 
  • Make your dream come true - enjoy high-speed sports driving and more affordable, with the help of our Autorent company. 
  • Experience cutting edge technology. Each such car is a work, and a real pleasure for the driver. 
  • Gala events, primarily weddings and related celebrations. 
  • Photo sessions - taking pictures in a sports car is now a popular trend.

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