Mercedes Benz S500 2016 AMG 4MATIC Long


Gearbox: Automatic
Engine: 4.7 twin-turbo
Power: 455hp
Car drive: AWD
Consumption: 9.6L/100km
Fuel type: AI-95
Car body: Sedan
Number seats: 5
Luggage: 510L
Air conditioning 4-zone climate control
Number of cars 1

Tariffs for Mercedes Benz S500 2016 AMG 4MATIC Long without driver:

1-5 days
600 BYN/per day
194 EUR/24 hours
6-10 days
500 BYN/per day
162 EUR/24 hours
11-20 days
400 BYN/per day
129 EUR/24 hours
21-30 days
300 BYN/per day.
97 EUR/24 hours
500 USD
500 USD


Autorent Minsk is the most favourable rent of Mercedes Benz 2019 - from just 55 rubles per day. Do not waste time looking for a decent vehicle - we are ready to do it for you!

We are often asked one question: "Why should I choose AUTORENT Minsk?"

We specialize in car rental in Minsk. Individuals, citizens of foreign countries and legal entities cooperate with us because we provide some of the lowest prices on the market!

The advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • We have only cars released in 2018-2020 in our fleet, which means that they will not break down at the wrong moment, as they have a margin of safety.
  • Low cost of renting a new car; there are no hidden payments, all monetary operations between us and client are clear.
  • Your rights and interests are protected by contract, AVTOKASKO, and other documents - one less thing to worry about.
  • We guarantee that the delivery of the vehicle will be carried out on time - we greatly appreciate your comfort. 

Renting Mercedes Benz without a driver is profitable. Why should you rent this car?

Mercedes Benz S-class is a luxury sedan designed for people who know what they want from life.

For the first time this car was released in 2013, and since then it has been an indispensable attribute of a luxurious life. An updated version was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2017. The car has a larger number of options and features. The manufacturer added a front grille, and thanks to the low center of gravity the car easily enters turns, holds the road and also reduces the chances of a coup in case of accidents.

This Mercedes model has an autopilot function. It controls the car, keeps a safe distance from a nearby car and changes lanes. Also car recognizes traffic signs and reduces speed if necessary.

Mercedes Benz S500 AMG has a 4.7-liter twin-turbo engine with a capacity of 455 h.p. Big trunk for 510 liters and internal LED illumination (almost 500 LED elements) will be excellent helpers on a long trip. In addition you’ll get heated seats and a massager, heated armrests and a night vision system.

If you rent this car from Autorent, you will get a luxury car with all modern features, a solid body and a spacious interior.

The terms of the lease can be found below:

For citizens of other countries 

Call us +375 29 323 16 16 +375 33 323 16 16 and we will deliver the car to any convenient place in Minsk at any time.

If you have any questions, go to the FAQ section, where we have already collected all the answers to your questions.


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