Rental rules

for citizens of other countries

Age from 22 years
Driving experience at least 3 years
Car operation only in the territory of the Republic of Belarus
National passport
Certificate of the driver of the international format with a notarized translation
Limit car mileage: for cars - 350 km per day
In the car smoking is strictly prohibited.

Rules of car rental in Minsk for citizens of other countries.

Have you come to Minsk for work or leisure and do you need a car? 

Autorent provides: rent a car for a day, rent a car for any period without a driver, rent a car for a trip outside Belarus. 

In the company AUTORENT you can issue a rental of any car:

Skoda Rapid
Hyundai Accent
Renault Logan
Volkswagen Polo

In order to rent a car you need:

  • be over 22 years old;
  • have the driving experience of at least 3 years;
  • provide a national passport;
  • show the driver's license of the international format;
  • make a deposit in the amount of 200 BYN.

All documents are issued no more than 10 minutes.

According to the rules of car rental:

  • it is necessary to follow the rules of traffic rules;
  • it is possible to operate the car only in the territory of Belarus;
  • pass no more than three hundred and fifty kilometres per day;
  • it is forbidden to smoke in a rented car.

      You get the car to a pre-specified place: home/airport / railway station. You can order the delivery of cars at any time convenient for you. Our specialists work seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

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