Rent a car at the airport of Minsk

Rent a car at the airport of Minsk.

Prices for getting a car at the airport Minsk-2:

Receipt- Return 60 BYN

Receipt and delivery at the address: 

Minsk, Ave. Nezavisimosti 116. National Labrary

Minsk, Ave. Pobediteley 103a. Business Center "Victoria Olympus"

The guests of the capital arrive at the airport Minsk-2. Our company provides car rental services. Why do public vehicles prefer to rent cars?

Rented car is:

  • always the convenience of traveling around the city, regardless of the purpose of travel;
  • complete independence from public transport;
  • comfort.

Do you want to rent a car at the Minsk airport, but do not want to waste time looking for a decent company?

Arent will provide delivery of a rental car to the airport or to any other point of Minsk, at will, for you.

Ordering a delivery vehicle is easy. A simple example:

You know that your plane arrives in Minsk on Friday at 10 am, you will need to check in a booked hotel two hours after arrival, and at four in the afternoon you have a meeting with business partners.

Will you, after arrival, look for a rental car at the airport, waste time and energy on finding a car?

Of course not, because it is much easier to contact Avtorent in advance and arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to Minsk-2 airport by ten in the morning.

Delivery is carried out exactly at the time of your arrival, the documents are issued no more than 5 minutes. Payment can be made in two ways: cash or bank transfer. After the paperwork and payment you use a rented car. Agree that much easier?

The author has a fleet of new cars, you need to choose one of the options:

Skoda Rapid
Hyundai Accent
Renault Logan
Volkswagen Polo

Nissan Almera

Rent a car at the airport without a driver for a day or more. The author offers low prices for rental cars.

To book a car, you must follow the rules, read more rules of foreign citizens for citizens of other countries.

Contact us either via the contact form, jivosite or by phone +375 29 323 16 16 (Viber, Telegram, What's up) and agree on the time and date of delivery of the car to the Minsk airport, you must decide in advance on the method of payment.

AUTORENT works around the clock, providing customer support 24 hours a day.

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