Rent a car with a child car seat

Are you planning to rent a car and one of your passengers will be a child? We are ready to help you! When renting a car from Autorent, a child car seat is provided free of charge.

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that, according to the Rules of the road in the Republic of Belarus, that to transport a small children in a car, you can only do so with the child in a suitable restraint device - in other words a reliable child car seat.

Child safety is the norm, not additional equipment.

Carriage of children in the car

Extract from the traffic rules of the Republic of Belarus

Paragraph 178, Traffic Regulations of the Republic of Belarus: «The transportation of children in a car equipped with seat belts should be carried out using: child restraints appropriate for the child’s weight and height - under five years old;

Rent a car with a child car seat

child restraints appropriate for the child’s weight and height, other means (boosters, special seat cushions, extra seats) that allow you to safely fasten your child with the seat belts provided for in the vehicle’s design - from five to twelve years old. It is allowed to transport children under the age of twelve without using the devices specified in the first part of this clause if the child’s height exceeds 150 centimetres, as well as in a car-taxi. It is prohibited to transport children in the front seat of a passenger car using child restraints appropriate for the child’s weight and height, the backrest of which is turned to the frontal window of the vehicle if the front seat has an airbag, except when the front airbag mechanism is disabled.».

Rental conditions for a child car seat at AUTORENT

There is no universal child car seat suitable for all ages and car brands. Your baby is growing rapidly, thus as it grows and its age and weight increase, then respectively, when choosing a car seat, you must consider all the appropriate factors

For the selection of a child's car seat, let us know your baby’s weight and age. After all, these parameters will determine which model of seat best fits: a baby carrier (for 1 year, up to 10-13 kg), a car seat (1-5 years, 10-20 kg), a booster (6-11 years, 20- 36 kg) . The child car seats provided to AUTORENT have successfully passed the appropriate tests and are marked with the marker ECE R44 / 03 (or another variant ECE R44 / 04).

To make an application for a car and any additional equipment, you should contact our managers, who will be able to assist you in the selection and explain all the steps and procedures. Contact us in any way convenient for you: via the contact form, Jivosite or by phone +375 29 323 16 16 (Viber, Telegram, What's up).

Travel safely with a baby car seat!

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