Transfer in Belarus


Car rental service Autorent provides transfer services in Belarus. Individuals, private companies and citizens of foreign countries trust us. We value the comfort and time of our customers. Therefore, we are ready to deliver you quickly to any point in Belarus without problems.

There are all types of cars from "economy" to "premium" in our fleet. You can choose any car you like, and our professional and qualified drivers will safely take you to your destination.

The driver will meet you at the point of arrival: at the airport Minsk-2 or at the railway station. You do not have to wait after a tiring road: the car is always on time. If you travel with children, we provide a free rental car seat. Just warn the operator in advance when booking a car.

What types of transfers we offer?

• Transfer in Minsk;

• Transfer to other Belarusian cities;

• Transfer to historical places and sights of Belarus;

• Transfer to a sanatorium or recreation center;

• Transfer to a rented estate, cottage, hotel;

• Any other point in Belarus.

Organization of trips around Belarus

We can arrange for you thematic trips around Belarus in our cars. If you want to get acquainted with the culture of Belarus, we will show you historical places: castles, cathedrals, churches, etc. Or, for example, if you want to surprise your soulmate, we can organize a great trip around Minsk, and then take you to a chic restaurant for dinner for two. If you are interested in the nature of Belarus, we will show you our beautiful nature reserves,parks, lakes, rivers.

We try for our clients to leave only pleasant memories with them.

We work 24/7. You can order a car with delivery at any time. Fill out the order form on the website or contact us by phone to book the right car.

Rid yourself of unnecessary worries and entrust your comfort to us!

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