Skoda Rapid 2020 MT


Gearbox: Mechanical
Engine: 1.6 L
Power: 110 hp
Car drive: Front
Consumption: 6.3 L/100 km
Fuel type: AI-95
Car body: Sedan
Number seats: 5
Luggage: 550 L
Air conditioning Yes
Number of cars 2

Tariffs for Skoda Rapid 2020 MT without driver:

1-3 days
70 BYN/per day.
25 EUR/24 hours
4-7 days
65 BYN/per day.
23 EUR/24 hours
8-15 days
60 BYN/per day.
21 EUR/24 hours
16-30 days
55 BYN/per day.
19 EUR/24 hours
from 31 days
50 BYN/per day.
17 EUR/24 hours
200 BYN
70 EUR


Autorent Minsk is the favourable rental Skoda Rapid 2018 - 2020. Do not waste time looking for a decent vehicle - we are ready to do it for you!

We are often asked one question: "Why should I choose AUTORENT Minsk?"

We specialize in car rental in Minsk. Individuals, citizens of foreign countries and legal entities cooperate with us because we provide some of the lowest prices on the market!

The advantages of cooperation with our company:

• We have only cars released in 2018-2020 in our fleet, which means that they will not break down at the wrong moment, as they have a margin of safety.

• Low cost of Skoda Rapid rental; there are no hidden fees, all monetary operations between us and client are clear.

• Your rights and interests are protected by contract, AVTOKASKO and other documents - one less thing to worry about.

• We guarantee that the delivery of the vehicle will be carried out on time - we greatly appreciate your comfort.

Why do people choose Skoda Rapid for rent?

Rapid 2020 is a restyling version of its predecessor released in 2019. The car body was reworked, while the technical content remained the same. So what is the difference then and why do you need to rent this particular car? The manufacturer added stylish triangular diode headlights and 15-16’’ wheels (wheels were 14 inches in the previous version of the car). A 6.5 inch screen was added inside the car, on the instrument panel were also placed deflector grilles, function buttons and two USB connectors.

The automobile has a 1.6-liter engine, 110 h.p. and a five-speed manual gearbox. The manufacturer equipped Skoda Rapid 2020 with a driver fatigue control system and it will warn you if there is a possibility of collision. There are a heated steering wheel and contour interior lighting for a comfortable ride at any distance. USB-connectors were made for rear passengers so that they could charge a tablet or phone in long trips.

Here are some reasons why you choose Skoda Rapid:

• ideal for long trips in the country and abroad;

• to get around the city if your car has failed;

• to work when there is a need to be mobile;

• for family trips;

• etc.

Whatever reason you had, by renting this car you get a powerful 1.6-liter engine and 110 horsepower. The model was developed taking into account climatic features. Convenience, comfort and safety distinguish this sedan.

The terms of the lease can be found below:

For citizens of other countries 

Call us +375 29 323 16 16 +375 33 323 16 16 and we will deliver the car to any convenient place in Minsk at any time.

If you have any questions, go to the FAQ section, where we have already collected all the answers to your questions.


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